Intimate Knowledge The Prologue- Special Price!


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ikprologueHi Guys
Intimate Knowledge The Prologue is now at the special price of 99cents! This is to celebrate the releases of the second boxed set of the e-serial with episodes 4-6 with a bonus of Her Keeper 1Part 2! If you do not already have a copy of the first boxed set of episodes 1-3 with a bonus copy of Her Keeper 1 Part 1 then look out for it on free promo tomorrow Sept 22!
Intimate Knowledge individual episodes are also on free promo here and there throughout the week! Follow me on twitter to keep track!

Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. What she doesn’t know is that the reason he understands so well is because he has a copy of her intimate journal written in the form of letters to an imaginary lover.

Saturday Spankings – Intimate Knowledge Part 7


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Saturday Spankings-467x200
Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another eight sentences of Spanking Romance. My teaser today is from my serial Intimate Knowledge. It is from Part 7 released this week in conjunction with BDSM Goodreads Bedtime Stories.  It is from my Detective & Desires Series. Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing serial. It is #1 in the series(Out Now). #2 is Her Keeper (Out Now) and #3 Haunted Spaces (beginning Fall 2014).

ikpclasstorsop1Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. What she doesn’t know is that the reason he understands so well is because he has a copy of her intimate journal written in the form of letters to an imaginary lover.

During a late supper at Leo’s penthouse, Raisa is overwhelmed by his attempts to get closer to her. Losing her temper she curses at him and tries to leave. Leo stops her and makes it clear he intends to discipline her for her outburst and attempt to run away from her feelings. What she does not know is that he is deliberately enacting the scene according to her fantasies from her journal. Written in the first person from Leo and Raisa’s alternating POV, this extract is through Raisa’s eyes…

His stance is darkly intimidating and my pulse beats and throbs a tattoo in response. My ass is stinging from his reprimanding swat and my Italian is good enough to understand his depiction of me as a ‘capricious girl’ one of the Italian equivalents for ‘naughty girl’. I swallow, wide-eyed, as I realize his intent, his various words of warning coming back to me.

…punish you if you misbehave…a long, thorough session…hot, sore and swollen…

I draw in my breath at the thought that he now intends to follow through on those words. My pelvis is aching because he seems determined on a course of action I have long since considered taboo. This will be very different from those two fierce smacks he administered as a possessive lover lashing out in jealous rage. Looking at him, the intractable stance and dark look provokes a primitive reaction as my entire lower half starts to tingle and clench and my pulse pounds at the idea that he is intent on a disciplinary session that fits with my deepest desires.


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Welcome to Horny Hump Day


My teaser today is from my contemporary romance Chances&Choices. It is a friends to lovers romance. Claire and Julian have been friends for years and finally fall in love and marry. Within a few weeks challenges arise. Claire old lover, Richard, starts working with her and still wants her. She also feels Julian is holding back. At this point in the story she has taken Richard to a party because she is mad at Julian. When she gets home Julian takes her in a way designed to remind her in no uncertain terms who she belongs to.


Julian held her close in his embrace while he ran his hand over her in a sensuous appraisal, lingering in the peaked and moist places that revealed her arousal. With a seductive murmur of satisfaction, he proceeded to exercise his rights over her with his lips, tongue and teeth. This time, he was slower and sweeter in his claiming of her, but it was not his usual tenderness – every nibble, lick, kiss and suckle was a searing brand of possession.

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Bloggers, Brutes and Brats – A-Z of Spanking Blog Hop


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A2Z-Logo-C1-300x198-rev-cropBloggers are the stars of the indie publishing world.  Just as indie publishing lets authors get their work out there, blogging opens up publishing reviews and sharing to the people that count – the readers.  Blogging started it all.

I have had great support from bloggers.  It always feels thrilling when I see that post from someone who enjoyed my work enough to share it with their ‘tribe’.  Likewise I love to discover a new author and new blogs.  I trust a recommendation from a blog I like and follow far more than any from the big publishing giants such as Kirkus Reviews.

I love that authors and fans can write and spread the word about the things they enjoy and rate their enjoyment of it not have to follow a set guideline handed down from above.

It is great that we can all get together and share thing such as our love of spanking or other things ( I almost wrote this post about one of my favorite B’s brownies, but I am trying not to think of cakes!).  I have to admit I am better at following blogs than creating them.

What do you love about blogging?

Now about Brutes and Brats  – My first novel is a contemporary romance with no actual spanking, but it is really a closet one.  At the time that I wrote it for a particular publisher, they had a no spankings rule.  Right now I am having fun adding in those spanking scenes and intend to release the spanking version.  This is the first one.

Claire has returned to L.A. after 3 years away to discover that Julian, her best friend, has been in love with her for the past three years of their seven year friendship.  As she has just ended a tempestuous love affair, he suggests a truce of no sex until she is over her past lover.  She agrees.   While walking on the beach, Julian suggests going out for lunch.   Claire insists she can change faster than him and then cheats by tripping him up on the sand, giving her a head start.  When she comes out after changing, he decides to exact his revenge.  In the current version he tells her a “Minx. I ought to take you across my knee.”  She sasses him with “You and whose army.” and runs off to the car.  End of scene.  She doesn’t get off that easy in my rewrite.  What I love about this is the playfulness.  Most spankings in stories are purposely discipline or erotic. This is just play.  Enjoy!

lipssgccxcf“Minx. I ought to take you across my knee.”

“Huh! You and whose army.” She threw at him saucily to combat the hot flood to her pelvis at his threat. When he advanced purposely towards her, she gulped, her bravado deserting her. Squealing, she turned tail and fled in an attempt to reach the relative safety of his car.

She wasn’t quick enough. His arms were around her before she was halfway up the dining room steps. Lifting her off her feet, he pulled her back against him so his lips were just behind her ear. She felt his hot breath and heard his sexy growl mixed with amusement. “An army, huh? You really shouldn’t throw out challenges like that, Claire. You ought to know it will only get you in trouble.”

Claire’s squealed even more. Partly with laughter, partly with a thrill of fear and definitely with a liberal dose of desire. Other than a few swats from her father when she was little, Claire had never been spanked. Certainly not by a lover.

In the past, a few boyfriends had threatened her in much the same vein. The result was a chase similar to this. None of them ended with the promised spanking. Instead, the roughhousing moved on to tumbled laughter and kissing.

Much to Claire’s disappointment.

Not about the kissing. About the not following through with the spanking. After Julian had been bossy with her at their first meeting and her surprising response, she found herself noticing that quality in men. Suddenly old movies, books and stuff on the internet mentioning discipline and spanking got her a little hot. She wasn’t quite sure if she would feel the same desire if she was actually spanked, but as Julian held her close in his powerful arms, her heart pounded desperately with the hope that she was finally about to find out. Would he follow through or would he just end this in laughter and a few kisses like the others?

Typically, Julian did not let her down. Before she knew it, he had hoisted her over his shoulder and was carrying her purposefully towards the couch. Remembering her feisty statement earlier, she figured she really should put up a bit of fight. Punching his back and kicking her legs, she berated him. “Julian West, don’t you dare! I will never speak to you again! Not ever!”

He laughed outright as he sat down and rearranged her across one knee, stilling her flailing legs by placing his leg across them. “Come on, Claire! We both know that is an idle threat. We are too solid for that.”

Lying prone across his knee, her body effectively under his control, Claire suddenly felt outrageously vulnerable. She looked at the plush carpet beneath her gaze and wanted to be facing upright. Fantasy was one thing, reality quite another. She pushed upwards, trying to rise up from over his powerful thigh. Only despite her sudden ambivalence, she found herself baiting him by throwing out another challenge guaranteed to seal her fate. “Julian! No! Don’t you dare! I mean it!”

“Too late, Claire.”

Claire tried another tactic. “No fair! This breaks our no sexual stuff yet truce.”

“Give it up Claire. You are getting a spanking.  Relax.  I’ll take easy seeing as how it is your first time.” His tone was still amused, but his arm across her back was intractable, his determination quietly steely. “And this does not break our truce. Taking your pants down and spanking your bare bottom, now that would break our truce.”

Claire drew in her breath. The idea that he might spank her bare bottom never occurred to her. She wriggled and bucked frantically while struggling with her deeply ambiguous emotions. On one hand, she felt desperate to avoid the spanking, while on the other she knew she would be deeply disappointed if he backed down.

She soon realized that was not going to be an issue when the first spank landed. The blow took her breath away. She couldn’t hold in her surprise. “Fuck, Julian! Is that what you call taking it easy!

Julian tightened his arm around her waist and tipped her a little further over his knee. “Language, Claire. I can see you have picked up some bad habits in the Big Apple.” He took note of her protest, however. Lightening the force of his blows considerably, he systematically applied a number of stinging spanks all over her upturned bottom in a leisurely, unhurried rhythm. Claire couldn’t help thinking it was so typical of him to deliver the smacks in such a measured manner.

She let out her breath and concentrated on coping with the heat building in her backside. Even through the cotton material of her pants, she felt the burn. Just before it started to actually hurt, he stopped and ran his hand over her bottom. It was a simple, straightforward action, but on top of the heat from the spanking, it felt insidiously erotic. Claire bit her lip and tried not to moan too obviously.

After a few moments, he lifted her, sitting her on his lap. Amusement was rife in his tone and touch. “Let that be a lesson to you, young lady. That should teach you not to assault me to gain an unfair advantage.”

Wriggling on his lap, she stuck out her tongue and threw him a rebellious look. He laughed, kissed her pouting lips and then flipped her back across his knee. “Now, about your language.”

Claire howled in protest repeating her futile warnings. He ignored her, spanking her more robustly this time focussing on the join between her bottom and thighs. Again, he let her up before it became painful. Drawing them both to their feet, he sent her towards the garage with a powerful swat. “Out to the car, woman. I’ve worked up quite an appetite for lunch after that.”

“Brute.” She flung back at him as she flounced away towards the car rubbing her bottom.

“Brat.” He countered.

Look for the revised version out soon!
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Aroused not Abused – A-Z of Spanking Blog Hop 2014


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A2Z-Logo-C1-300x198-rev-cropWelcome to my first post in the awesome June 2014 A-Z of Spanking Blog Hop.  I was very tempted to take the easy way out and just go for Ass of Arse if you are on this side of the Atlantic.  I hope I have managed to get a little more creative.

So, here it is.  Aroused versus Abused.  That debate every spanko / BDSMer, especially female, in the contemporary Western world struggles with.  Why is it that being on the receiving end of something that many cultures now deem abuse gets us so aroused?

In order to deal with this concern we have established protocols like do not punish when angry and mechanisms like safe, sane and consensual.   If your interest only extends to mild spankings, it is easier to walk this tightrope.  But what if your interest is more extreme?  What if your arousal is profoundly entangled with the adventure of pushing the boundaries, the thrill of fear and the excitement of the non-consensual?  Then that line between arousal and abuse is even more confusing, perhaps even disturbing.  Perhaps you find it difficult to admit how far that line extends even to yourself.

As an author the distinction between aroused and abused seems even more important.  Not all readers have experienced anything concrete from this preference.  You may yearn for it and hope to find that special someone who will introduce you carefully.  You may just be spank curious and our books are your main connection to this world.  If as authors, we do not successfully characterize this experience for you, we are in danger of misrepresenting that all important difference.

My current WIP is Part 5 of my Intimate Knowledge eserials.  It includes a scene that walks the tight rope of the distinction of arousal versus abuse.  The hero finds the heroine dressed in a slutfest of an outfit (her own words) on the dance floor with another man’s hands and lips all over her.  He is furious with her and does punish her while in the grip of that fury.  Part of Raisa and Leo’s story is to highlight this tension between arousal versus abuse.  The extract below takes place during a discussion after he has finished punishing her and he tells her she is the only woman he ever punished.  It is from Raisa’s POV:

 ikpclasstorsop1You are the first woman I have lifted a hand or even my voice to.  Or punished sexually.  If any of my previous lovers had behaved as you have tonight, I would not have punished them.  I would simply have ended things.”

“Oh, great!  So what makes me the lucky one?  Things haven’t even really started between us and yet I get punished.”

“You arouse feelings and actions in me no woman has.  Perhaps because no other woman has needed it.”

I color profusely, horrified.  He knows.  Or at least he senses it.  He understands that I secretly crave this.  When he stifles a smile, the direction of his gaze alerts me to the fact that while we have talked, my hands have been, unconsciously, soothing my abused butt.  I am furious at what I must look like, barefoot and naked except for my panties, rubbing my bottom like a chastised child.  I don’t care what he might sense, I am determined not to let him trivialize his treatment of me.

Dropping my hands, I clench my fists and glare at him.  “It is not funny!  You assaulted me, physically and sexually!”

His face darkens, and for a moment, what might be guilt passes across his handsome features.  The look disappears too quickly for me to be sure.  Straightening, he stalks over to me in two strides, boxing me in against the breakfast bar, his look incensed once more.  “Basta!  I was lenient!  And careful!”  He runs his hands through his hair and another exposed look I fail to decipher breaks through his aggravation.  “You work with the Boston police force.  You know about the Gold’s, my father’s family, what they are.  You were foolish to behave so indiscreetly, knowing their reputation.  If I were like my cousins, I might have beaten you black and blue for this.  Many men in my position would.”

I swallow, fighting the urge to back away from him, squaring up against him, instead.  Suddenly, it becomes easy.  He no longer intimidates me, because what he says is true.  If he were like his cousins or men like them, he would have beaten me, used his fists, maybe even his feet, repeatedly.  It was what I expected.  Why I was so afraid at first.  His chastisement was humiliating and painful, but very far from my understanding of brutal.

I hate to admit it, but he was careful.  He was enraged, yet he confined his force to a few smacks strategically placed.  Horrendously painful smacks, but only smacks.  I may acknowledge this to myself, but no way am I cutting him any slack.  Lifting my chin, I throw my best weapon at him.  “Yeah.  Well you did, anyhow.  My butt will be black and blue by tomorrow, asshole!”

His eyes blaze.  He steps back, whips me round, pulls down my panties, and bends me across the cool marble in front of me.  I regret my aggressive declaration, immediately.  I am sure I have incited him to deliver a severe spanking, after all.  I dread it, but I won’t plead or cave this time.  I almost sob with relief, when I feel his hands lightly skimming my buttocks.  His muffled curses indicate my butt is not in danger.  The anger evident in his words is directed at himself.

He walks quickly away and I hear what sounds like the fridge door open.  I don’t turn to look.  I don’t want to push my luck.  I stay where he has put me.  I don’t even try to pull up my panties.  Cradling my forehead on my crossed arms on the marble in front of me, I listen to sounds of his activity, trying to figure out what he is doing.  In addition to the fridge door opening, I hear drawers drawn open and something lands on the countertop beside me.  Next, he raises me, turns me, lifts me by the waist, and gently sits me on whatever it is he has laid out.  It takes only moments for me to feel the healing cold of the ice pack against my bare skin.

He runs his hand caressingly down my head and shoulders and drops a kiss on my hair, his voice assuring me, softly.  “No it won’t, il mio tesoro.  Frequent ice and arnica and you will be fine by tomorrow night.  No bruising, I will make sure of it, I promise.”  He lifts my chin and smiles at me ruefully.  “If it is any consolation, my hands probably hurt as much as your backside.”

I harrumph, unconvinced, and rub my buttocks resentfully.  “I doubt it.”

He laughs affectionately, genuinely amused.  The transformation this creates is irresistible and cloaks me with a warmth that fills me with impossible longing.  If only I could surrender to my feelings for him.  Now my fear is gone, it is beginning to sink in just how much the way he has dealt with me might make him the man I need.  Terri’s words insidiously creep in.  Maybe he is the one.  He was able to instinctively discipline and dominate me, subdue me without harm and achieve my submission with ease.

As if he can read my mind, his face takes on a stern expression and he tells me with an equally stern tone.  “Do not think this means I regret punishing you.  You deserved it and you know it.

ikpclasstorsop1Intimate Knowledge Part 1 Free on Amazon June 2 2014.  Sign up for my mailing list for a free instalment of your choice FREE

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Saturday Spankings – Her Keeper


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Saturday Spankings-467x200 weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4


Click on image to take you to Amazon

Hi Everyone,

My teaser this week is from my popular Her Keeper serial out now. Written in the first person from Rick and Sara’s alternating POV, this excerpt is through Sara’s eyes. At this point in the story, Rick has arrested Sara on the charge of Reckless Endangerment for dangerous driving.  He does not intend to follow through with the charge, but blazing mad with her for putting herself in so much danger, he is determined to teach her a lesson.  After he subjects her to an invasive frisking, Sara tries to use his very evident desire for her to change his mind about the charge by pushing back against his erection.  She is mortified when his response to her awkward come on is to pick her up, put his foot on the bumper of her car and turn her over his raised knee…

Raising his hand again, he spanks me hard and swift, three times on each cheek, one right after the other, each smack harder than the next.  I yelp loudly after each blow, distressed at how much the short, quick spanking hurts, an indication of how angry he is with me. 

“You think you can wriggle your hot little ass against my dick and I’ll ignore this; make it go away?  Huh – is that it?”



Giving full force to his anger, he spanks me five times on each cheek, a total of ten.  The spanking hurts so much that the psychological impact of the punishment overrides my desire and I feel like a naughty little girl instead of the sexual woman he was hot for moments before.  The feeling gives him an even more profound connection and power over me.  I feel powerless as I whimper and sob across his knee.

Her Keeper – Reckless Endangerment 1-4 with a HFN ending is available in instalments or a complete volume.
HKKISSxThe feud between Detective Rick Andrews and Sara Michaels is legendary and no one ever wants to stand in the line of fire when they go at it. Only, now Sara has crossed the line and Rick is determined to use the power her transgression grants him to lay down the law in a way she can’t escape.
A series that unfolds over multiple volumes ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 words each. Her Keeper is an erotic romance with explicit sexual content. It has a hot cop (two actually), sexy frisking, spanking, cuffing, a crazy, hot proposition and two people who are stubbornly in love.
Part 1 – Rick and Sara have been fighting their feelings far too long and a roadside arrest takes their feud to combustion level. Sara decides its time she made a change. She wants to see Rick’s softer side. Rick agrees but it’s going to cost her.
Part 2 – The roadside arrest has shifted their dynamics. Their first kiss has managed to erase their fears and now they both want to taste what might be. But a kiss isn’t the only forfeit Rick demands. He’s decreed a year long sentence Sara just might be crazy enough to consider.
Part 3 – Thing are heating up between Sara and Rick. They have had quite an afternoon. Well punished, well fed, well sentenced, well pleasured – and all well before dinner. Impressive. Sara wonders if she can submit to Rick, but is surprised at just how much she wants to please him.
Part 4 – Sara and Rick have declared their love and it is time to act on their feelings. Can Sara surrender enough to Rick and more importantly her love for him or is the urge to fight him too strong. Rick can handle her either way. He has made up his mind he is never letting her go.
Don’t miss Book 2 Part 1 of Her Keeper – In His Custody. Out Now!

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Saturday Spankings-467x200
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Amazon Free Promo day to celebrate New Release Of Her Keeper Book2 Part 1


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Click for Amazon Link

Click for Amazon Link


To celebrate the New Release of Book2 of Her Keeper In His Custody. The first instalment of Book 1 is free on Amazon Easter Monday Pick it up and get hooked.  Click on cover image here and further down the post to take you to the product page for each book.

Read Excerpt Below from Book 1 Part 1

I am jealous.

I am shocked at the white-hot heat of my jealously as it sears through me. I turn and walk down the dock straight to the water’s edge. Rocking a little drunkenly on the end of the wooden pathway, I lean forward and peer into the midnight black depths of the lake. Rick stiffens, Lisa no longer has his attention. He may be flashing sexy grins at her, but he is as intractable as ever with me.

“Get back from the end of the dock, Sara.” He growls at me without ceremony.

“Now.” He adds sharply when I don’t immediately react.

He lets out a frustrated breath and moves rapidly towards me when I still fail to obey him. Picking me up by the waist, he carries me along the length of the dock and deposits me in the redwood swing seat on the lawn.

“Hey, what’s your problem.” I throw at him, steadying myself as the seat rocks a little. It is the only protest I can manage in my pleasantly drunken, jealous, and pathetically turned–on by his caveman tactics state.

“The water’s high tonight, you are too drunk to swim and none of the rest of us are in any better of a state to fish you out. Stay there and don’t move any closer to the dock. And don’t let me see you anywhere near the water when you get home, either.”

There is a shocked silence from Lisa and Luke and I want to hide under the chair. Rick seems oblivious to the atmosphere he has created and just stares down at me with a dark look. Despite my embarrassment, I feel stupidly reassured by his overbearing concern.

Luke coughs and Lisa finds her voice.
“Wow, bad cop. Hot!”

Her Keeper available in instalments or a complete book
HKPb1p2side HKPb1p3side HKP4gs
HKreckED Click on Images to go to Amazon Page of Book

Saturday Spankings – Her Keeper2 – In His Custody Out Now! New Release


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Saturday Spankings-467x200

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another eight sentences of spanking romance. My teaser today is from my of Book 2 Part 1 of my popular serial Her Keeper. I am really excited to be sharing it only a few days before its release on Easter Sunday!  As in the first book, In His Custody is told from Rick and Sara’s alternating POV. This excerpt is from Rick’s POV.

During a day and night of hot interaction, Rick has succeeded in convincing Sara to agree to a trial run of his year long ‘sentence’ .  She agrees to accept him as her keeper, to answer to him in all things just for the weekend.  He makes it clear that he won’t tolerate any doubts or second-guessing from her during this time without consequences.  Waking up naked beside Rick the next morning, Sara soon breaches their agreement and Rick strictly follows through…


Click on Cover Image to buy at Special Introductory Price

I squeeze her upturned buttocks then raise my arm high, bringing it down hard to administer two severe blows of the belt, one on each exposed cheek.  More severe than any spanks I have delivered so far, I know their sting must be outrageously painful.  I make sure I stick to the fleshy middle avoiding the more tender areas of her lower buttocks that still bear the marks of my earlier chastisements.  The exceptional force of my blows is echoed by her piercing howls and her wild bucking across my thighs in surprise and hurt

“Oh!  Oh!  Ouch! Ouch!  Oooh.  Owwwww!”

Her upper body shoots up and her hands fly back to frantically clutch at her bottom, attempting to soothe the deep red, thick raised welts standing out angrily on her cute backside.  Close to sobbing, rubbing her burning butt, she rocks across my lap, kicking her gorgeous bare legs.

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Her Keeper 2Avaialble on Amazon NOW!  Click on cover!


Weekend Writing Warriors – The Plan – Chances & Choices Prequel


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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. My eight sentence teaser this week is from my short story The Plan – Chances & Choices Prequel.  Julian and Claire first meet when they are both grieving.  Julian is newly widowed and Claire has lost her father.  Despite an initial attraction on first meeting they become friends, until Julian’s feelings change…


click to go to amazon product page

Slowly, quietly, sweetly over three years their bond built and a deep friendship grew; landmarks in their lives were shared: her college graduation, his best–selling collections and awards, her first job. They dated other people, took an unimportant lover here and there, but they were the constant in each other’s lives, the safe, platonic, significant other.

In the solidness of their friendship, they both forgot the feeling of those first passionate moments in front of Claire’s apartment door. The feeling stayed where it suited them both – safe, quiet and undisturbed.

Until one sparkling afternoon on the beach in front of Julian’s house, when she came running out of the water to flop beside him. Lying down, she tossed away her long mane of hair, handed him some suntan lotion, asked him to put it on her back and without so much as a trace of self-consciousness or coquetry, un-hooked the back of her bikini to avoid strap marks.

The sexuality of the moment thrust him back three years to when he took the stairs two at a time to scold a young girl and was stopped in his tracks by the primal beauty of a virgin goddess with cascading golden locks who was all woman. The woman had retreated into the blushes of the girl who became his friend, but now she was emerging full force and he and the plan were well and truly screwed.

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